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Smoky Carrot Music is our music publishing arm. We work in partnership with Bucks Music Group, one of the leading international and independent music publishers. Our catalogue is administered by Bucks Music Group and its synchronisation service specially dedicated to place music on commercials, video games, films, etc.


We're always interested to hear from songwriters and artists, whether new or established. Use our Soundcloud dropbox below to send us your tracks!


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Here is a brief sum up of our partner Bucks Music Group

Bucks Music Group is an international and independent music publisher, with a rich musical heritage, and has been responsible for developing and launching the careers of legends of the music industry including T-Rex, David Bowie, The Move, Black Sabbath and Procol Harum.

Bucks Music Group active A&R department is constantly sourcing great talent. Their current roster includes Brett Anderson, Professor Green, McLean, Wizard Sleeve, Blood Red Shoes, Broken Records, Alex Metric, Freeland, Black Daniel, The Soft Pack, Black Noise, Sean Redmond, Hafdis Huld, Misty’s Big Adventure and many more.

We also represent distinguished composers such as David Arnold, Rachel Portman, Richard G Mitchell, and Jonathan Goldstein, alongside talented up-and-coming composers.

Whether you are looking for the hottest new talent, the latest musical trends, a classic song from the past or a piece of obscure nose-flute music, we have a diverse and eclectic catalogue that can cater for all briefs.

We sub-publish large international catalogues which means we have access to, and can source, music from all over the world.

As an independent publisher we have direct contact with our writers which means we can turnaround fast approvals and we have many copyrights that we can offer master and publishing clearance on.